WeCare brings parents, family members, and guardians into the Family Approach by hosting regular seminars and workshops at the WeCare facility. These events help to form a community for sharing knowledge, experience, and support. Bringing parents and family together raises both the childhood and parenting experiences, and leads to valuable support networks and friendships. For WeCare, raising parents is as important as raising children. Parenting, especially for first-timers, is a constant stream of new, urgent, and on-the-job experiences. The exasperation can be as intense as the joy. WeCare understands that positive reinforcement and community are powerful tools in the parental learning process, and so we have organized the Raising Parents series of workshops and seminars to help parents come together to share, to learn, and to bond over different topics relating to children’s behavioral issues.

The main goal in developing parenting skills is to improve the connection with the child. Empathy and acknowledgement (along with ample displays of patience) are the foundation for diffusing the difficult situation. For parents with infants, establishing a connection can literally mean a physical connection. As the child grows, the need for staying close does not diminish. Continued closeness and physical proximity can be the first step in restoring calm. For those with older, strong-willed children, it may be more useful to give the child options (i.e., asking questions) rather than commands. Options reestablish authority while still allowing the child to feel that the connection is two-sided. For more detailed and targeted information and advice, please see our discussion in WeShare, the WeCare Members Only Community page.

Finding The Right Preschool For Your Child

There are a whole host of preschools out there for you to choose from, and the decision of where to send you child is not an easy one. Picking the right preschool should be based on a variety of factors that include the school itself, the facilities they offer, the teaching methods they use but also the unique needs of your family and child. To find the best preschool for your child, follow our tips below.