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Special Education Programs

WeCare International Preschool believes that all children deserve the best start in life. WeCare aims to introduce a new standard, not just a new teaching standard but a new standard of learning.

Pathways to Potentials


Children on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and children with learning disorders (LD) indicate a broad spectrum of cognitive, social and behavioral differences that may require adjustment to the early childhood education program. We ensure that children with ADS and LDs are provided with the same full and equal enjoyment of our preschool programs, we are able to tailor our programs to each child’s specific needs. Such adaptations provide children with an optimal pathway to develop their strengths and compensate for their learning differences as they work towards their learning and developmental goals. We will make no assumptions regarding an individual’s abilities or disabilities. We carry out assessments to determine if we can meet each child’s needs in our preschool setting.

One on One Speech Therapy Sessions


Self Care
and Life Skills

– Toilet Training
– Eating
– Dressing
– Brushing teeth
– Bathing
– Seeking Help
– Etc

Academic Achievements

– Social and Emotional Development
– Visual and Performing Art
– Language
– Math
– Science
– Social Studies,
– Technology
– Health and Safety

How does it work?


We carry out assessments to determine if we can meet each child’s needs in our preschool setting. Once a student with ASD or LDs is enrolled, our focus is on identifying individual student needs and providing appropriate Individualized Educational Plans (IEP) to support their developmental goals. For instance, if your child is easily distracted, sensitive to certain colors, sounds, textures or has difficulties making friends, they are assigned a therapist and a teacher who will help them increase their attention span, become more comfortable with sensory stimuli and learn social skills.

Curriculum and Milestones

We have a range of educational and development goals that we encourage students to meet, from developing self help and personal hygiene skills to using electronic devices to communicate and find

As you can tell we care a lot about what we do and how we ensure the success of your child. By utilising up to date child psychology techniques combined with tailor made lesson programs, specially designed facilities and highly experienced, nurturing staff you can be confident your child will have an education that revolves around expertise, quality and love.

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