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After school Activities

We know that parents can be busy at work and may not always be able to pick their child up at closing time, so we provide a wide range of fun after school activities for our students. Our activities are completely different to the lessons held during normal preschool hours and enable students to learn new skills, grow in confidence and have a more well-rounded education.

We provide after school activities based around cooking, science, sports, art and languages. With different activities being held on different days, students will look forward to trying new activities and learning new skills. These activities promote a happier childhood, positive self-belief and enable students to reach their full potential by forming better relationships and learning to become independent.

As you can tell we care a lot about what we do and how we ensure the success of your child. By utilising up to date child psychology techniques combined with tailor made lesson programs, specially designed facilities and highly experienced, nurturing staff you can be confident your child will have an education that revolves around expertise, quality and love.

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