WeCare has designed a holistic approach to education, involving parents, family members, and guardians and incorporating family and community values into learning at the earliest stages of student life. The WeCare Family Approach stems from our founder, Ms Huong Tran (Victoria), MSMFT and her years of professional experience as a marriage and family therapist, her focus on childhood development, and her personal relationships with children. Victoria’s contribution to the WeCare curriculum is an

emphasis on love, expression, social and communication skills that augment a standard education program. All students are taught to embrace and develop their creativity as a means of expression, personalities, and individual identities.

Our staff, teacher, and therapist expertise and our curriculum focus on children from the ages of 18 months to 6 years, and their families. Check out free mobile pokies. For Special Education Programs, we will assess applications of students up to the age of 9.


WeCare has designed a curriculum that focuses on each learner’s unique and individual life skills, social and emotional development, language and literacy, mathematical reasoning and cognition, and physical development. At each stage in the WeCare world (Nursery I&II, Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten), the WeCare Curriculum advocates for a whole child learning approach by using an overall theme for their learning, students can participate in a wide variety of activities that include many different content areas.

Our curriculum reflects the following priorities:

  • RESEARCH-BASED: Informed by research as being reasonably achievable, age appropriate, and aligned with nursery, preschool, and international kindergarten expectations.
  • COMPREHENSIVE: Cover the central domains of early learning and skills children need to succeed in school and provide sufficient breadth and depth in each area.
  • INCLUSIVE: Relevant for children from diverse linguistic, economic, and cultural backgrounds and for children with special needs.


  • MANAGEABLE: Include a reasonable number of learning objectives, goals, and indicators that WeCare teachers and staff can effectively implement.
  • MEASURABLE: Reflect observable skills, behaviors, and concepts.
  • THEME-BASED: Integrated learning coincides with the natural way children learn and a theme integrates meaningful connections to the world around young learners and the content they are being exposed to, building on enthusiasm and scaffolding from prior knowledge.

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