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06 February 2019

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WeCare’s physical and teaching facilities are designed to encourage a child’s natural, spontaneous interactions with math in the world around them. Young children need ongoing opportunities to develop their mathematical thinking, in addition to our daily activities created for individual choice and exploration we also have classes that encourage children to interact through problem solving.

Demonstrate an understanding of numbers and counting. Our teachers focus on supporting students to count to 20 or higher, providing materials and activities that feature number names and quantities, integrating purposeful counting experiences throughout the day and using materials and books that promote the exploration of number quantities.


Understand measurable attributes of objects and how to measure them. We provide standard and nonstandard materials to give students the opportunity to sort, order and classify objects. We also integrate the appropriate vocabulary in to conversations to demonstrate awareness of measurable attributes such as length, weight and capacity of objects.


Develop spatial and geometric sense. Our teachers use positional words in everyday life situations for example, Jack is hiding behind the tree as well as use accurate terms to name and describe two and three dimensional shapes e.g. square, circle, sphere. We also encourage students to make comparisons between objects.

As you can tell we care a lot about what we do and how we ensure the success of your child. By utilising up to date child psychology techniques combined with tailor made lesson programs, specially designed facilities and highly experienced, nurturing staff you can be confident your child will have an education that revolves around expertise, quality and love.

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