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28 December 2018

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WeCare International Preschool’s mission is to provide an exemplary educational program for students with and without special needs. Our child-focused and family-centered educational approach nurtures students to develop their academic and social-emotional skills to build a foundation for life-long learning.

Dear Preschool Interns,


We are looking for creative, nurturing individuals who have experience teaching preschool children and children with special needs. This position is ideal for someone who enjoys working with kids, is open to learning, has the ability to make learning fun, and a great team player!

  • Receive close supervision and guidance from a teacher or a psychotherapist.
  • Receive excellent training to provide behavior therapy – to create lasting change for our kids and their families.
  • Help prepare learning materials and participate in class activities under the supervision of the teacher.
  • Looking after students’ physical, social and emotional welfare.
  • Other tasks as assigned.
  • Bachelor’s degree (or currently working toward a degree) in Psychology,
  • Special Education, Early Childhood, Education, Sociology, Social Work preferred
  • 6 months working with preschool children preferred.
  • Fluency in English and Vietnamese.
  • 1 reference from former employers/supervisors.
  • Being great with preschoolers. Kids love being with you.
  • Even-tempered patience whenever students struggle in class.
  • Good organizational skills to assist teachers keep a structured routine for students.
  • Have excellent time management skills, flexibility, and ability to work independently and problem solve.
  • Ability to adapt support according to the needs of your student
  • Good communication skills to collaborate with the teacher and other school staff
  • Creative and practical skills for class activities and stimulating learning environment
  • Even-tempered patience whenever students struggle in class

Your salary will vary depending on your experience, roles, and responsibilities.

  • Working hours are typically during the school day, in term time, Monday to Friday from 8:00 until 4:30 pm.
  • You may be required to work early mornings or after school if you’re supporting additional activities. In addition to your hours of work, you may need to attend training days or parents’ evenings, as appropriate to your role.
  • The majority of your work will be in the classroom, although you may be involved in lunchtime supervision, outdoor activities or accompanying pupils on school trips.
  • Psychological First Aid
  • Introduction to Positive Reinforcement
  • Picture Exchange Communication System

Please email your resume and cover letter to with the subject line “Preschool Teacher_(your name)”


Thank you for your interest in working with us. Good luck!


HR Team.

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