Health And Safety

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06 February 2019

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Health And Safety

Health And Safety

The health and safety of your child is important to us so we ensure to provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor experiences on a daily basis to assist in the development of every child, including planned and spontaneous interactions that promote healthy habits to enhance lifelong well-being.

Develop self-help and personal hygiene skills. Our teachers encourage students to develop an awareness of healthy habits, for example explaining how germs are spread and techniques to limit the spread of infection, washing your hands, dressing appropriately for the weather, handling food carefully and hygienically. We also provide the tools needed so children can demonstrate their emerging self-help skills e.g. developing independence when pouring, brushing their teeth and using appropriately sized utensils to help themselves and others during mealtimes. .  


Develop knowledge and skills to make nutritious food choices. Food is a huge part of our lives so we provide the opportunity for our students to experience a range of nutritious food choices, we also encourage families to share foods common to their cultures. We create learning materials and activities such as books and cooking experiences that reinforce these healthy food choices.


Develop an awareness of potential hazards in the environment. We ensure our indoor and outdoor environments are safe and hazard-free. Our curriculum incorporates information about potential hazards into the curriculum e.g. crossing the street safely, staying away from strangers and recognizing the poison symbol. This helps our students to use safe practices in and out of the classroom and develop an awareness of warning symbols and their meaning.


Develop competence and confidence in activities that require gross- and fine-motor skills. Our facilities and activities are designed to promote specific movement skills, they help to guide and support your child in the development of their gross-motor skills e.g. starting, stopping, leaping. Our unique learning centres have a wide variety of materials that develop and refine fine-motor skills e.g. puzzles, zippers, buttons. We also plan individual and small-group activities that use objects and props to develop your child’s spatial and coordination skills.

As you can tell we care a lot about what we do and how we ensure the success of your child. By utilising up to date child psychology techniques combined with tailor made lesson programs, specially designed facilities and highly experienced, nurturing staff you can be confident your child will have an education that revolves around expertise, quality and love.

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