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Facilities are designed to increase your child’s ability to engage, focus, and regulate emotions.

Research has shown that children make deeper connections in comfortable, calming, and stimulating environments. We believe that physical stimuli such as noise, colors, lighting and textures can be used to activate the learning and exploration parts of the brain, thus, increasing a child’s ability to engage and focus whenever necessary.

Our goal is to enrich your child’s learning experiences. The classrooms at WeCare are arranged into learning centers that encourage a range of activities within a predictable daily routine, including individual and group activities , as well as active and quiet activities. Our facilities are flexible and tailored to every child’s learning development. Some children may be developing their emerging language skills in the Language Center, while other children are in the Art and Science Center discovering what sinks and what floats.

Our Spaces

Our goal is to enrich your child’s learning experiences.

Art Space & Kitchen.

This area provides a focal point and social area for the children and staff. The worktops and sink can be used to support art classes as well as prepare food for the children. The design of this area aims to provide children with a space they can work individually or socialise if they so desire. The Art Space can also double up as an impromptu quiet area or playroom.

Quiet room.

A completely different and unique area where children can calm themselves and recharge so they can go back to class with an improved attention span and a more positive outlook. The relaxing environment has a sensory corner with LED bubble tubes, perfect for helping children refocus and regain energy.


Our classrooms have no more than five students per class in our Special Program and no more than twelve students in our Preschool Programs ensuring that every child has the educational support they need. Classrooms have a simple and calm layout minimising distractions and only what is necessary to learning is on display, thus creating an environment where children can focus.

Speech therapy rooms.

These rooms are designed to look more like a living room rather than a therapy room or a classroom. It is a safe space where children can express themselves and our therapists can work with children to identify issues and difficulties. The use of one way mirrors enables parents to see their child in action and with the help of our therapists understand some of the things their child may find difficult and how WeCare can help.

Sensory room.

This room helps children understand their body movements, improve motor skills, regulate emotions through the senses and reduce the fear of certain external stimuli. The environment is positively stimulated to enhance focus and learning. This room helps children who find some situations overwhelming to understand and control their emotions in a calm and safe way. For example, when in a shopping mall some children may cry as a reaction to the glares from the windows or specific types of noise and the parent has no idea. At WeCare our teachers and therapists help children understand what their reactions and frustrations are and provide them with techniques that will help them remain calm when faced with difficult situations outside of the preschool.

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Our facilities are designed to increase your child’s ability to engage,  focus, and regulate emotions.

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