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06 February 2019

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English Language

English Language

Learning more than language is proven to have a positive impact on memory, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It also improves concentration, the ability to multitask and have better listening skills.  In our globalized world, many languages are spoken however English is one of the most commonly used languages across countries and cultures. It is a language that many people communicate in to travel and do business. At WeCare we incorporate different languages and cultures in to our curriculum to expose our students to the vast differences around the world. We also understand the importance of your child going out in to the world and making their mark and so we aim to equip them with the necessary language skills to give them the best start in life.


Literature and informational text

Understand key ideas, details and structure. Our specially designed, cozy and comfortable reading area enables our teachers and students to choose from a variety of age-appropriate reading materials. Our teachers are scheduled to spend time to read aloud with each child individually, we also encourage students to try reading and understanding illustrations on their own. These activities provide opportunities for students to ask and answer key elements in a story or poem, retell familiar stories and identify characters, settings and major events in a story.


Understand and retell knowledge and ideas. Our teachers encourage class discussions about stories and other reading materials, they also work with our students to identify the role of the author and illustrator and how they work together to create a story. We also spend time with students to compare and contrast the major elements of a character’s adventure in two familiar stories. This type of learning enables your child to recognize and vocalize how the illustrations support the story and how the adventures and experiences of the characters are alike and how they are different.


Exposure to a range and level of complexity. WeCare provides a range of high quality literature that engages individuals as well as small and large groups of children. The books we select are based on a child’s familiarity with the topic, background knowledge, interest, complexity of sentences, vocabulary and length of the story. We also invite children to participate in conversations about stories to increase engagement and provide the requisite skills and background information to comprehend the story.


Foundational skills

Understand print concepts. Our teachers provide the right learning environment to enable your child to start developing an understanding of the basic features of print. Students are encouraged to follow words from left to right, top to bottom, page by page. These activities will help them to recognize that spoken words can be written and read, that words are separated by spaces, they will also be able to name many upper and lower case letters of the alphabet.

Develop a phonological awareness. By using rhythms in activities in and out of the classroom, students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of spoken words, syllables and sounds. They will be able to recognize and produce simple rhyming words, segment syllables in spoken words by clapping out the number of syllables and identify many initial sounds of familiar words.


Phonics and word recognition. Our lesson plans and activities are carefully designed to draw attention to the printed letter and the sounds letters make, we also use materials that promote the identification of the letters of the alphabet. All of this will enable your child to demonstrate and understanding of beginning phonics and word skills including associating many letters with their names and most frequent sounds and recognizing their name in print.


Practice fluency of speech. WeCare reading materials are designed to promote fluency and repetition of speech so students can fully understand the pronunciations, pattern and predictability of words. Our teachers also engage students in conversations about their favourite books and texts, ensuring that each child’s favorite topics are well represented in class.

Understand text types and purposes. By using a combination of drawings, dictations, scribble writing or invented spelling students will be able to share a preference of opinion during play and other activities. Teachers also write in a variety of genres and provide shared writing opportunities throughout the day to encourage the children’s own creativity and writing.


Develop production and distribution of writing. WeCare provides a wide range of tools for students to use enabling them to use their creativity and understand how a story is formed. We encourage students to share their writing at all developmental levels with a partner, small group, teacher or their family.


Demonstrate research to build and present knowledge. Our teachers expand, elaborate and guide each student’s ideas and interests to create projects where children ask questions, brainstorm, problem solve, plan, learn new vocabulary, investigate a topic and produce documentation. Students are provided with the skills and materials needed to participate in shared research and writing projects as well as recall information from their own experiences.

Understand comprehension and collaboration. The use of activities and props in the classroom encourages interactions and conversations, students are then motivated to participate in conversations and interactions with peers and adults individually as well as in small and large groups. Students are also invited to ask and answer question about a specific text or information presented to them as well as ask questions to seek help, get information or follow directions.


Demonstrate the presentation of knowledge and ideas. WeCare provides opportunities for your child to participate in discussions that include details of familiar people, places and events with individual students as well as in small and large groups. These opportunities enable your child to express their ideas, feelings and other information in an environment that values discourse.

Understand conventions of standard English. We ensure that your child has interesting opportunities to practice all forms of language including complete sentences, plural forms, prepositions and more. Our students will begin to understand the simple conventions of standard English grammar when speaking during interactions and activities for example, frequently use occurring nouns and verbs, form regular plural nouns, understand and use question words, begin to speak in complete sentences and follow simple multi-step directions. Students will also practice the conventions of English in their writing experiences throughout the day by attempting to write letters, use scribble writing, letter-like forms and invented spelling.


Develop vocabulary acquisition and use. Our teachers introduce new vocabulary in to conversations, reading time, projects and other activities. We also match visual and auditory prompts with gestures to reinforce the meaning of a word or phrase. With the guidance and support from WeCare your child will be able to generate words that are similar in meaning, sort familiar objects into categories, understand opposites of simple and familiar words, identify real-life connections between words and their use and use words and phrases acquired through conversations, activities and story time.

As you can tell we care a lot about what we do and how we ensure the success of your child. By utilising up to date child psychology techniques combined with tailor made lesson programs, specially designed facilities and highly experienced, nurturing staff you can be confident your child will have an education that revolves around expertise, quality and love.

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