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27 December 2018

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Diversity at WeCAre

Diversity at WeCare.


We celebrate the diversity of our students and staff. We believe that diversity fosters creativity, teamwork and most importantly prepares our students for the globalized world. Our students and staff come from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. It is our policy to provide a learning and working environment that is free from discrimination of any type, including discrimination based on ethnic background, race, religion, lifestyle, sex, national origin, age, disability, dietary preferences, language, and social practices. We also ask families to respect and honor the uniqueness of our staff, students and their family members. This policy governs all aspects of our schools’ operations. Sensitivity to and support for diversity are woven into our daily activities.

  • We permit absences or nonparticipation in some school activities for religious holidays and other cultural reasons.
  • Books are available in a variety of languages. Our school work and artwork demonstrate a broad spectrum of ethnic groups, cultures, diverse lifestyles, ages, career choices, and geographical locations.
  • We display pictures of cultural activities that our students participated in their classrooms.

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