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WeCare is defined by the following key values:


WeCare believes every child has the right to a secure, positive learning environment

WeCare’s mission is to ensure that each student receives a well-rounded education in an environment where they feel secure, happy, and confident – in order to more fully form their character, social skills, and emotional growth. We empower our students to grow in confidence through practicing negotiation and communication, teamwork and cooperation, courage, kindness and patience. Our children learn to do this while playing, studying, interacting with teachers and friends. We want them to be happy to learn, and to learn by positive experience.

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Our facility was designed to be caring as well. WeCare is over 900 square meters of sensitive building. We studied the impact of color, shape, texture and materials to know which color schemes would stimulate their young minds but not distract from the learning process. We introduced atypical layout and interactive areas to passively instruct our students on the value of observation. Our furniture is made from a variety of environmentally safe, natural materials that fit our value system of promoting an appreciation for nature in our children. Our classrooms and pantry are filled with natural light and equipped with high-quality air filtration systems to ensure a purified environment.

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WeCare believes a quality education must include creative arts and regular physical activity

WeCare believes all children should have the opportunity to explore, to play, and to create. To that end, we have assembled a team of gifted teachers, assistants, and staff to share their talents with our students, and designed a facility that caters to all three aspects of a well-rounded education. The layout of WeCare breaks with the established and repetitive notions of educational space.

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We have purposely introduced curves, arches, portholes, cut-outs, and interactive areas to passively instruct our students on the value of observation. Our hallways are high ceilinged and circle our classrooms to push our students to be comfortable in exploring what is around the corner. All our classroom furniture is portable so that our rooms can respond to the lessons or individual needs. We have different rooms for music, arts and crafts, gardening, and sports/motor skills activities, and access to aquatic and playground facilities.

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WeCare believes every child benefits from exposure to different cultures and languages

The WeCare Team includes qualified teachers, assistants, and certified social worker and marital and family therapist from all over the globe. Our languages include English, Vietnamese, German, and Spanish.

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We see diversity as a positive opportunity to expand understanding, respect, and empathy for different cultures, and we incorporate this into our lesson and behavioral planning at each stage in our curriculum.

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WeCare believes every child learns and develops better in a nurturing environment 

We believe in giving the child a voice through careful observation of their behavior and needs and provide guidance to improve self-care, life-skills, speech, other communication methods, and academic goals.

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All staff – teachers, assistants, and therapist – meet on a regular basis to discuss effective therapeutic and teaching strategies and track progress for each child. Inside the classroom, we maintain a fixed routine that helps the student feel secure, cared for, and confident. This routine makes it possible for growth and improvement in specific key areas such as self-care, life-skills, speech delay, and motor skills development. Beyond the classroom, we advocate a family approach to learning. WeCare has specific activities to better incorporate the parent(s) and family into the education and development of the student. We organize and host seminars and schedule teacher-parent conferences to discuss progress.

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