Huong Tran (1)


Founder of WeCare International School

Marriage & Family Therapist (California, USA)

WeCare opened its doors in April 2019 and has been growing steadily ever since. WeCare was founded for personal reasons. Ms.Huong Tran (Victoria) , MSMFT, discovered Ho Chi Minh City had a lack of adequate educational facilities for children requiring individual attention. “I founded WeCare out of love for the children in my family. I wanted to ensure that there was a place where all students would feel loved. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I know that children learn and perform better when they feel safe, secure, and well loved.”

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Victoria set about establishing the WeCare International School in order to provide a better educational and social environment for the children in her family and others that would thrive in such an environment. A critical part of WeCare would be that it would be a facility that accommodated all children, regardless of need and development. WeCare would be the one place in Ho Chi Minh City where all were welcome, and all would be included.

Vietnam is only now beginning to recognize and embrace the diverse needs in childhood development and early childhood education programs. This includes those children requiring special education opportunities. WeCare knows that the need for special education programs will only increase in the future as recognition improves, care evolves, and stigmas decrease. WeCare aims to be a catalyst in Ho Chi Minh City’s education segment, leading by example and partnering with other educational and health institutions to ensure that all children have an education destination in the city.

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