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WeCare is a multidisciplinary team of teachers and psychotherapists committed to delivering high-quality educational experiences to young children. We focus on creating a stimulating learning environment that promotes the development of critical thinking, practical social skills, awareness of diversity, appreciation of multiculturalism, and helps reinforce positive approaches to learning. Our standards and practices are grounded in the following values and principles:

Our values

An education based:


We celebrate the diversity of our students and staff. We believe that diversity fosters creativity, teamwork and most importantly prepares our students for the globalized world. Our students and staff come from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Sensitivity to and support for diversity in learning, culture, ethnicity, and language are integrated into our daily activities.


We are working hard to provide top quality services to our beloved students. We make sure the materials used at our premises are child-safe, non-toxic and are tailored to specific needs. For example, glares are reduced to protect students' eyesight and certain colors are used to elicit calm behaviours. Our staff follow a strict standard of teaching/practices and ethical codes to ensure the safety, well being and educational needs of your child.


A love for children is the reason why we exist. It was the love for her niece and nephew that motivated our founder to build WeCare International Preschool. Our teachers and therapists are selected based on their experience as well as their loving patience for children. Our teachers create respectful, nurturing relationships that allow children to feel valued and cared for. We have carefully designed a caring and nurturing academic and social environment for your child to grow and learn. Every aspect of our preschool has been thoroughly yet lovingly researched and intricately designed to ensure that your child has the support and developmental materials they need to flourish.


We specialize in preparing our students for long-term cognitive and social success by optimizing evidence-based early interventions. We can do this because of our knowledge about how children learn and develop as well as how they differ in their learning development. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the latest techniques to support every child’s development. We do this because advances in child psychology are ready to be utilized to achieve a promising future for every child.

Our Story


Using the expertise in family therapy, our founder aims to help preschoolers become happier, more independent, and confident.


Our founder, Victoria Tran, a marital and family therapist, created WeCare from her own personal experience. Although her niece and nephew received great care she felt they could improve both academically and socially in a learning environment that had better facilities that were catered to their specific learning approach. Victoria then realised that her niece and nephew can’t be the only one in this situation and saw the potential for a school that could be beneficial to all preschool children. So WeCare was created, a place that is inclusive of everyone.

Victoria started her career in business development but soon realised it wasn’t her true passion. Alongside her job, she volunteered working with children teaching them English and Maths. She quickly fell in love with the volunteer program, creating a fun learning environment where kids would willingly participate as well as coming up with new creative teaching methods. It was a fantastic experience and even her friends could see the impact it had on her life, they told her ‘there is a sparkle in your eye when you talk about the kids but not when you talk about your job.’

It was then that Victoria decided to leave her job behind and pursue a career in psychology at Fuller, School of Psychology in California. She loved every moment of her studies and truly realised this was her passion in life, even to this day Victoria finds her work meaningful and loves that she can help families and children improve. Upon finishing her degree she started working in California but shortly after decided to return to her homeland, Vietnam where she opened her own family and child therapy practice.

As she watched her niece and nephew grow and go to school she soon  realised that she could provide more for both of them, academically and socially. That’s when the WeCare vision started. It was initially meant to be a small school but decided it would be better to create a bigger school for more children who could benefit from the same facilities as her niece and nephew.

Hard work, passion, energy and a lot of research in to the best colours, lights, teaching methods, sensory needs, academic and social needs of children, classroom requirements, lesson plans, activities and facilities has created the perfect environment for every child to grow and learn.

WeCare aims to introduce a new standard, not just a new teaching standard but a new standard of learning. Using her expertise in family therapy Victoria has been able to implement lessons and activities that focus not only on core academic subjects but also  increasing resiliency and adaptability in children . This new standard helps children to become well rounded, identifying ways to strengthen traits and characteristics in each child so they have the ability to face life’s challenges.

The new design, teaching method and tailored facilities have created a unique preschool designed to meet the needs of preschool children with various abilities. WeCare provides a safe, fun, educational and diverse space for your child to grow in to a holistic and wholesome person who can take on the world.

Teachers and Therapists

New Standard of Teaching

Through careful observation of the children at WeCare in both learning and social environments, our teachers and therapists provide learning opportunities that ensure each students’ long-term academic and social goals are met. In addition, our  staff foster respectful and nurturing relationships that allow all our children to feel valued and cared for.


Our aim for ongoing improvement of our teaching and caring standards   is implemented by a careful selection process. Each staff member receives ongoing training, beginning with our New Employee Orientation process, staff are also encouraged to actively engage in professional development activities.


The Director of WeCare will develop and review each  professional development plan with all our teachers, teaching assistants, special education teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychotherapists and support staff. We have identified certain skills and competencies our teachers must have to meet the WeCare standards of teaching and services, to ensure  the needs of our students are met. Our management team observes our staff and provides regular feedback to ensure we are providing the most developmentally appropriate, high-quality learning opportunities possible.

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We are looking for an energetic, collaborative, nurturing, loving, patient, and experienced professionals.

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