WeCare specializes in understanding children.

The WeCare International School is the only educational facility in Ho Chi Minh City created with both an international curriculum and individually tailored, special education programs.

WeCare is here so that all children can be free to grow in an informed, sheltered environment.

Our aim is to teach the value of kindness and fairness and to help children advocate for themselves. We do so by praising helpful behavior and by helping our students gain an understanding of the world around them.

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We know the earliest years are crucial for your child’s educational career, and our curriculum and individual instruction are designed to prepare each student to be ready to prosper at the international primary school level.

WeCare sets our students on the path to emotional and social development by teaching them to ask for help, to resolve problems, to thrive in different social situations, and to appropriately convey emotion.

Our carefully crafted, thematic-learning curriculum utilizes teaching and learning materials from Common Core Standards (USA) and is taught in English. Vietnamese language class is offered every morning up to 45 minutes. Dual language acquisition is emphasized in order for our students to develop skills of independence and confidence in recognition of their future in an increasingly multicultural world.

Our school combines a 900 square meter state-of-the-art facility with a faculty and staff trained to provide expert care for children (aged 18 months to six years) and their families. At the same time, we seek to involve the parents in the WeCare world by hosting seminars and individual consultations that contribute to your child’s development outside our school hours.


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